Capcom’s Street Fighter 6 logo seemingly based on $80 Adobe Stock image


Street Fighter 6

After a week-long countdown, Capcom formally unveiled Street Fighter 6 on February 21st in a short cinematic trailer.

However, one element of the reveal has received some criticism: the game’s logo. As first pointed out by Ars Technica creative director Aurich Lawson on Twitter, the Street Fight 6 logo is extremely reminiscent of an image from Adobe’s Stock site.

“I knew it was generic but I didn’t realize it was this bad. They searched for “SF” on a stock logo site and rounded a couple corners and added the 6,” wrote Lawson.

Indeed, the logo is strikingly similar to the $80 USD ($102 CAD) Adobe image, which was created by a user called xcoolee. Speaking to IGN, xcoolee said they were looking to the exclusive rights to the logo to Capcom.

The design has also been used publicly before, such as in a different modified form for the SF Connexion sci-fi convention in France. Capcom has not yet commented on the logo, so it’s unclear whether this was a conscious decision on someone at the company.

For now, though, the publisher has simply said more details on the hotly anticipated fighting game will come this summer.

Via: IGN