Snapchat to allow users to change their username once per year

Snapchat previously only allowed users to alter their display names

Being stuck with a username that you made when you were young sucks, and while most social media platforms give you an option to update your username (at least once), others have lagged behind.

Newly added to the list of platforms that let you update your username is Snapchat, allowing you to finally go from “XxX_SpongeBOBLover1_XxX” to something more mature.

Snapchat previously allowed users to alter their display names (how your name appears when someone sends you a snap or message), but starting tomorrow, Wednesday, February 23rd, all Snapchatters across iOS and Android will be able to change their username without affecting their friend list, Snap code, Snap score and memories.

To update your username, tap your Bitmoji on the top left corner and navigate to ‘username.’ If you head to that section now, you’ll see that you can’t interact with it, but if you head to the section tomorrow, you’ll see a “Change Username” option, as seen in the image below:

Type in your desired username, tap next, and you’re good to go.

It’s worth noting that while Snapchat is allowing users to change their usernames, you’ll only be able to alter it once per year, so be prudent about the name you choose.

This comes soon after Snapchat announced that it would allow users to share real-time locations with friends.

Image credit: Snapchat