Fido brings back $58/15GB promotion after removing it earlier this week

The promotion adds a 5GB data bonus to Fido's $58/mo 10GB plan, bringing it up to 15GB


Rogers’ flanker brand Fido brought back the 5GB data bonus for its $58/mo 10GB plan, bringing it up to 15GB of data.

Fido previously offered the plan but removed it on February 7th. Last time, Fido’s website listed an expiry date for the promotion. At the time of publication, Fido’s website didn’t include an end date for the deal.

MobileSyrup has reached out to Fido for more clarification.

As before, the plan costs $58/mo and includes 10GB of data plus a 5GB bonus. It’s not clear if the 5GB bonus will drop off the plan after a period of time, or if it’s a permanent addition. Along with the data, the plan includes unlimited Canada-wide talk and text, picture, and video messaging, voicemail, call display, circle calling, and other Fido perks like access to Fido Xtra and five one-hour chunks of unlimited data use each month.

Fido’s other plans remain unchanged.

Fido’s plans, including the $58/15GB promo, as of Feb. 11, 2022.

Interestingly, Fido brought back the $58/15GB plan just after Telus’ flanker brand Koodo downgraded its $58/15GB promo plan back to $58/10GB. At the time of publication, Koodo still offered the 10GB version of the plan. Bell’s Virgin Plus, on the other hand, hasn’t yet removed its limited-time $58/15GB plan — it’s still available now.

Source: Fido