Koodo downgrades $58/15GB plan to 10GB, Virgin still offers 15GB plan for now

If you want to nab the $58/mo 15GB promo plan, you should move fast

Telus’ flanker brand Koodo has removed the $58/mo 15GB plan promotion from its website, following in the steps of Rogers’ Fido brand, which ditched its $58/15GB plan on February 7th.

Koodo was always going to remove the $58/15GB — when the provider added it back in January, the promotional plan was clearly listed as a limited-time offer. However, unlike Fido, Koodo didn’t specify an end date.

The plan was originally a $58/10GB offer with a bonus 5GB of data tacked on. That extra 5GB bonus is no longer available, but the $58/10GB plan is — not that I’d recommend taking it now that the 5GB bonus is gone.

If you’re looking for a 15GB plan, Bell’s Virgin Plus still had its $58/15GB promo plan live at the time of publication. It’s not clear how much longer Virgin will keep the plan around now that Koodo and Fido have removed it.

Koodo’s other plans remain unchanged:

  • $30/mo no data, unlimited minutes and messaging
  • $52/mo 8GB data, unlimited minutes and messaging
    $58/mo 10GB data, unlimited minutes and messaging

There’s also an assortment of ‘Starter’ plans ranging from $15/mo with 250MB of data to $45/mo with 6GB of data, but these plans are only available to customers that bring their own phone and some are limited to 3G data speeds.

You can check out all of Koodo’s plans here.