Upcoming Steam update will let you check game size from the library screen

While this isn't a major update, it makes the process of searching through games relatively easy

Steam logo

Valve-owned Steam will soon let users check out the size of titles on the ‘library’ page before they install them.

Normally, you would have to click install to see the required disk space and estimated download time (as seen in the image on the left), but with the upcoming update, these details will be available to view front and center (as seen in the image on the right).

While this isn’t a major update, it sure does make the process of scouring through games relatively easy. The feature is rolling out as part of a beta update, and should be available to all steam users in the coming weeks.

This comes shortly after Steam redesigned its downloads page to display more information on download and installation progress, along with an improved section to manage storage.

This latest update arrives almost half a month before Steam’s long-awaited Steam Deck goes on sale.  The handheld PC was delayed last year due to parts shortages but will be available starting February 25th, starting at $499 CAD.