This Gucci AirPods Max case only costs $980

Influencers and celebrities can finally buy the case of their dreams

AirPods Max

What does every AirPods Max owner need? Well, a Gucci case for their pricey wireless headphones, of course.

If owning a pair of $779 headphones doesn’t make you feel like a big enough baller, then this is the product for you. The $980 ‘Ophidia’ case looks very similar to the standard Smart Case that comes with the AirPods Max, only with the fashion brand’s iconic “GG” logo and design.

This also means that despite costing $980, the Gucci AirPods Max case still doesn’t protect the top of the AirPods.

The beige-coloured case also features a neoprene and viscose lining, a snap button that closes it and a lengthy leather strap that turns the AirPods Max Gucci case into a purse or handbag.

It’s currently unclear if the Ophidia case includes magnets that put the AirPods Max into sleep mode, which saves battery life and disconnects the wireless headphones from your device.

I like Apple’s AirPods and, to an extent, feel like they’re pretty close to worth their expensive price tag, but even I couldn’t swallow the price of this rather ridiculous-looking AirPods Max case. That said, I am hoping Paris Hilton or another notable influencer picks one up so I can see it in action in a paparazzi photo.

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Gucci’s Ophidia AirPods Max case is available on the fashion brand’s website for $980.

Image credit: Gucci

Source: Gucci Via: 9to5Mac