Chatr offering bonus 2GB/mo and one-month free credit for Lunar New year

The offer only runs until February 2nd

Rogers flanker brand Chatr is back with several limited-time deals for the Lunar New Year. Until February 2nd, customers can get 2GB of bonus data per month for eight months plus one month’s “fee in credit.”

The offers apply to almost every plan, with the provider’s $25/mo plan being the only one excluded from the 2GB bonus. That plan does still qualify for the one-month free offer, however.

The 2GB bonus expires if an account becomes inactive or customers change their plan before the end of the eight-month period. The one-month free offer will apply a credit “equivalent to one month’s plan fee” to customers’ bills on the third-anniversary date. Again, Chatr says it won’t apply the credit if accounts become inactive or if users change plans.

It’s worth noting that Chatr has offered variations of the 2GB bonus for a while now (in December, it was 2GB/mo for six months). It appears the one-month free credit was added more recently on January 31st. You can view a full list of Chatr plans below:

  • $70/mo 20GB with unlimited Canada/U.S. talk
  • $60/mo 15GB with unlimited Canada/U.S. talk
  • $50/mo 10GB with unlimited Canada/U.S. talk
  • $40/mo 4.5GB with unlimited Canada-wide talk
  • $35/mo 2GB with unlimited Canada-wide talk
  • $25/mo 500MB with unlimited Canada-wide talk

Chatr’s plans all include call display, call forwarding, group calling and unlimited texting to Canada, the U.S. and internationally. Additionally, all data amounts are capped at 3G speed and customers can add an additional 500MB of data per month by enabling auto-pay.

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