Meta testing live chat support for Facebook creators locked out of their account

Although the test is global, it's restricted to 'some English-speaking users' for now

Meta’s Facebook platform is now testing a live chat help feature for users who have been locked out of their Facebook accounts.

Facebook detailed the change on its ‘Meta for Creators’ website, noting that it’s testing live chat help for “some English-speaking users globally, including creators.” This marks the first time Facebook has offered live support for this kind of issue, and for now, it will focus on people who can’t log in to their accounts due to unusual activity or because of alleged community standards violations.

The change marks a significant shift for Meta/Facebook. The service has lagged behind other popular creator platforms when it comes to community moderation and page management tools. Plus, large creator accounts are more likely to be targeted for account theft, making tools for recovering accounts more valuable.

BuzzFeed News report from August detailed an underground economy of people who claim to have inside access at Meta. These insiders charge money to help restore accounts — creators who rely on social media for their business may find themselves with no choice but to pay when they get locked out.

Along with the live chat for account recovery, Meta announced other changes including improved comment moderation with keyword blocking, moderation assistance that can auto-hide comments with links or images, the ability to block users and any new accounts they make and a dedicated spot to view hidden comments.

There’s also a small test of live chat support for English-speaking creators in the U.S. who don’t have an assigned relationship manager. That can help mid-tier creators get quick responses to questions about things like payouts and new features.

Those interested can check out all the changes here.

Source: Meta Via: The Verge