Marvel Studios’ Eternals hits Disney+ on January 12

The movie opened in theatres in early November

Marvel’s Eternals came out in theatres on November 5th, but if you haven’t gone out to watch this MCU title, your wait is almost over.

On January 12th, the movie will hit Disney’s streaming service, Disney+. If you’re subscribed to the service, the film is available to watch at no extra cost, unlike Mulan or Cruella.

If you’re wondering why the wait was so short, it’s due to Disney movies only having to be exclusive to theatres for 45 days now, instead of the typical three-month wait period.

This might not be the same with the upcoming MCU title Spider-Man: No Way Home due to it being both a Marvel Studios- and Sony-produced film. If you’re planning on watching Spider-Man: No Way Home next week, here’s where you can watch all the Spider-Man movies in Canada.