OxygenOS 12 beta 2 solves some of the transitioning OS’ problems

The company still needs to build out the OS with Android 12 features

After a disastrous first attempt at moving from OxygenOS to ColorOS under the guise of an operating system (OS) update, OnePlus is finally back with its second Android 12 beta to smooth out some of the kinks.

OnePlus says that users currently enrolled in the beta program will get the update gradually. As of right now, my OnePlus 9 Pro has received the update. Before getting into the patch notes, I’ll mention that while this doesn’t back peddle on turning OxygenOS into ColourOS, it does smooth out a few bugs and restores some OnePlus-specific features like the XPan Camera mode (thank god).

I’d still strongly suggest people stay away from this beta if their OnePlus 9 series device is their only smartphone. If you do want to install it, you need to download the first OxygenOS 12 beta and wait for the OTA update.

Patch notes


    • Optimized the fluency of the status bar
    • Optimized battery life and charging speed
    • Fixed the low-probability issue of the status bar not displaying apps
    • Fixed the low-probability issue of automatic brightness failing
    • Fixed the issue of some desktop widgets displaying abnormally
    • Fixed the issue of Cloud service not opening in Notes
    • Updated Android Security Patch to 2021.11
    • Improved system stability


    • Improved app stability


    • Fixed the low-probability issue of the status bar not displaying the battery of Bluetooth earphones

Know issues

  1. Auto-rotate for desktop may be delayed under some using scenes
  2. Probable issue of WLAN automatically disconnected
  3. The camera will freeze when taking videos in 4K 60hz mode
  4. Notifications for some apps will automatically be switched on
  5. Global Search may not response
  6. Background Apps may automatically switch off under the using scene of low RAM

How it feels

This is a big step forward for OnePlus; even if the patch notes seem pretty lacklustre compared to the first beta. The interface appears to move with more fluidity and doesn’t feel as half-baked as before. Still, exciting updates like the adoption of a ‘Material You’-like design are missing from OxygenOS 12. Fonts and notifications also feel cleaner and less glitchy this time around.

In terms of new features, OnePlus has implemented Home and Work filters so you can tailor your notifications experience depending on if you’re working or relaxing.

I’ve only been able to play around with the OS for about 15 minutes so far, but if I find any cool new features, I’ll be sure to add them to this story.

Source: OnePlus