Samsung’s Galaxy S22 will reportedly feature Qualcomm chipset in Asian and African markets

If accurate, this is a pretty significant shift in regional variants for Samsung's S Series

As expected, Samsung’s Galaxy S22 variant will reportedly release in two different variants, including one with its Exynos processor and the other with a Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset.

Typically, the Qualcomm variant is only available in the U.S. and Canada, but it now seems like the South Korean company is bringing the processor to other countries.

According to a leak first spotted by Max Weinbach, the Galaxy S22 Series in the U.K, Europe and South Korea will sport Samsung’s Exynos chipset. On the other hand, the S22 series in U.S., Canada, Africa and the rest of Asia, will feature Qualcomm’s still-unannounced (but very expected) Snapdragon 898 processor.

The African and non-South Korean Asian market will have three phones with the model numbers (SM-S901E, SM-S906E and SM-S908E) model numbers. According to Android Police, these phones will feature other spec differences, but we don’t know specifics yet. It’s likely we’ll see a difference in RAM and storage in these handsets.

It’s currently unclear why Samsung would launch the S22 series in Asia and Africa with a Qualcomm chipset, but it’s possible it’s related to the ongoing worldwide chip shortage.

Source: Max Winebach, Android Police