Rogers reportedly sending customers 5GB of free bonus data again

Rogers customers should keep an eye out for an email or text from the company about the 5GB bonus data


Rogers is reportedly sending out offers with 5GB of bonus data once again.

RedFlagDeals user ‘zumi78878’ posted about the offer, which came via text. The message said that 5GB of bonus data was added to their account. Other Rogers customers chimed in on RFD, noting that they had also received texts or emails from Rogers about the bonus.

Moreover, a link to a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page was shared with some extra details about the bonus data. According to that page, the 5GB bonus is added automatically and customers don’t need to do anything. Further, it notes that the 5GB bonus lasts for 15 months. Finally, the FAQ page notes that customers should be able to carry the bonus over to another plan, but advises people to contact support for assistance since “some price plan changes and device upgrades may cause the offer to be dropped from your account.”

To check if the 5GB bonus data was added to your account, you can sign in to your Rogers account and navigate to ‘Wireless Usage’ under ‘Usage & Services.’ The bonus data should be reflected there.

Unfortunately, if you didn’t get the text or email about the bonus, there’s a good chance you won’t get it. Some customers may get lucky if they contact Rogers, but it seems like your mileage may vary significantly.

That said, Rogers seems to offer these 5GB bonus data giveaways fairly often. The carrier gave customers similar 5GB data bonuses in September this year and June last year. If you miss out on this round, maybe you’ll get the bonus in the future.

Source: RedFlagDeals, Rogers