Bird Three e-scooter is now being piloted at Lansdowne Park in Ottawa

The updated model comes with a variety of new features

Bird Canada announced the launch of an e-scooter pilot at Lansdowne Park in Ottawa to show off the Bird Three e-scooter model. Ottawa is the first city in Canada that will get the chance to preview the new features, which will promote proper parking, curb sidewalk riding, and more.

This technology will be available at Lansdowne until the end of the 2021 “scooting season,” according to the press release.

The new models will sport on-vehicle sensors that prevent sidewalk riding in real-time. The scooter will tell riders via an audible and visual “No-Ride Zone” warning sent to their mobile devices. It will also show up on the vehicle when the user mounts a sidewalk.

Additionally, the e-scooter will slow down and come to a stop, so the rider can walk off the e-scooter.

Another update is an AI-Verified parking compliance feature. The AI will now make sure you’re properly parked.

These new e-scooters will also make an audible noise at set intervals to alert pedestrians of approaching e-scooters.

Another new feature with the new model is the ‘Beginner Mode,’ which will slow acceleration, limit top speed and teach users how to ride an e-scooter. There’s also a gentle acceleration feature that will let new riders gradually make their way up to top speed.

Meanwhile, a safety feature that will make riders pass a test to unlock the e-scooter to avoid drunk riding after 10pm.

You can also watch a video of the scooter here.

Source: Bird Canada