Amazon reveals its own low-cost smart thermostat

The tech giant is moving further into the smart home game

Amazon is moving into the smart thermostat market to more directly compete with Google and Toronto-based Ecobee in the smart home space.

During the tech giant’s recent fall hardware event, Amazon introduced its Smart Thermostat, a new smart home device that uses Alexa voice controls.

The Smart Thermostat also features ambient computing software that lets it, for example, cool down your home when you’re away or asleep.

This is very similar to location-based features Google and Ecobee offer with their respective smart home thermostats.

It’s also worth pointing out that the thermostat was developed through a partnership with Honeywell, ensuring that it should work with most existing HVAC systems.

Amazon says that its new Smart Thermostat starts at $60 USD (roughly $76 CAD). The device is only slated for U.S. release this fall and Amazon had no comment on a future Canadian release.

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