Vidéotron ups price of Daily Traveller Passes for roaming customers

The passes now cost $9/day in the U.S. and $13/day for international travel

Vidéotron has quietly raised the cost of its U.S. and International Daily Traveller Passes.

iPhone in Canada was alerted to the price hike by a tip from a reader, who reported that the Quebec-based carrier’s U.S. Daily Traveller Pass has increased from $7 to $9 per day.

The reader said they learned about the change via a text message from Vidéotron requesting that customers check the company’s website to view the updated prices.

The International Daily Traveller Pass, which used to go for $10 per day, now costs $13.

The Daily Traveller Pass lets Vidéotron customers pay a small daily fee to continue using their cell phone plan’s services while travelling abroad, without being hit by extra roaming charges.

Customers can use the U.S. Daily Traveller Pass for up to 10 days (for a maximum of $90) and the International Daily Traveller Pass for up to 20 days (for a maximum of $260) per billing cycle.

Source: iPhone in Canada