Montreal invests $885 million in ambitious electrification strategy

The city aims to introduce 2,100 Bixi electric bikes, 250 electric taxis and 600 additional charging stations

In a new 50-page document titled “Transportation Electrification Strategy 2021-2023,” the City of Montreal has outlined a series of 23 targets that would be implemented over the following three years in order to increase the city’s commitment towards the electrification initiative.

According to Valérie Plante, Mayor of Montreal, the plan will cost $885 million and upgrade bus depots to allow for greater fleet charging while adding 30 long-range, slow-charging electric public buses and an undisclosed number of mid-range electric buses.

Further, the plan aims to introduce 2,100 Bixi electric bikes, 250 electric taxis, 600 additional charging stations and measures like providing electric cars with preferential parking in metered zones. With the electrification movement ramping up, the city will also support businesses and multi-unit residential buildings in acquiring vehicle charging stations.

Looking to the future, the city also aims to launch a Low Emission Zone (LEZ) pilot program in 2023. LEZs are areas classified as emissions-free, noise-free zones where only zero-emission modes of transportation are authorized to drive. According to the strategy report, LEZs help combat “more than 70 percent of local road-transport-related emissions and more than 50 percent of key air pollutants.”

Image credit: Bixi

Source: City of Montreal Via: ElectricAutonomyCanada