Apple II manual signed by Steve Jobs sold for $787,484 USD at auction

Jobs' business card was also up for grabs

The last few months have shown that video games can fetch big money at auctions. Apparently, so can computer manuals — at least if they’re signed by Steve Jobs.

9to5Mac reported over the weekend that a bunch of Jobs memorabilia went up for auction in August via ‘RR Auction.’ There were several big-ticket items that fetched a significant sum at the auction, including an Apple II manual signed by Jobs. The manual went for $787,484 (just a little over $1 million CAD).

The Apple II manual was the most expensive item at the auction. The runner-up was a typed letter also signed by Jobs — it went for $479,939 USD (roughly $615,363 CAD). An Apple I computer sold for $464,876 USD (about $596,050 CAD).

Additionally, Job’s business card sold for $12,905 USD (roughly $16,546 CAD), while an NeXT bomber jacket Job’s wore sold for $3,110 USD ($3,988 CAD).

If you’re interested in seeing all the memorabilia from the auction, check out RR Auction’s website.

Image credit: RR Auction

Source: RR Auction Via: 9to5Mac