OtterBox unveils MagSafe gaming clip for the iPhone 12

This is one of the more interesting use cases for MagSafe that we've seen so far

OtterBox MagSafe

OtterBox’s latest gaming clip uses MagSafe technology to connect to an iPhone 12.

This means that it can attach to Apple’s latest flagship magnetically, rather than a traditional clip that clamps onto a phone. The magnetic arm from the controller can also be detached to serve as a phone stand.

It’s important to note, however, that the clip doesn’t charge your iPhone 12, unlike some other MagSafe accessories.

This is the latest in OtterBox’s series of Xbox accessories that launched earlier this year. As such, the new clip will be compatible with the updated Xbox Wireless Controller introduced with the Series X/S, as well as the previous iteration of the gamepad and the high-end Elite Series 2.

The MagSafe clip can be ordered from OtterBox’s website for $39.95 USD (about $50 CAD). Shipping to Canada costs between $9.99 USD (around $12.54 CAD) and $19.99 USD (approximately $25.09 CAD).