Waze releases new limited time cat and dog themes

Users will be able to choose new voices, car icons and more


Waze has released new cat and dog themes called ‘Meow Mobile’ and ‘Woof Wagon’ for a limited time.

“From today for a limited time, drivers can choose between two navigation voices designed to personify our beloved household pets,” Waze outlined in an emailed press release.

“Users who want to hang out with a dog that’s feeling upbeat, excited, but with a tendency to get distracted or a cat that’s feeling skeptical, irreverent and a little neurotic can now do so by activating this theme.”

Users will be able to choose new voices, car icons and more. The themes are available in English, French and Spanish. Further, the new themes are available worldwide.

“People often define themselves as a cat or dog person, so we wanted to put this to the test and see which moods and personality traits our drivers choose to embody,” said Erin Bellsey, the head of brand programs at Waze, in a statement.

“Our creative team had a blast concepting this, and we can’t wait to see which furry friend our users identify with most.”

Waze is known for its temporary themes and has previously launched themes related to Pride and Batman.