Team Canada Twitter emoji launches ahead of Tokyo Olympics

The emoji will be available until the end of the games

The Canadian Olympic Committee has launched its new Team Canada Twitter emoji ahead of the upcoming Tokyo games.

The official Team Canada Twitter account tweeted about the launch of the emoji and noted that it will be available until the end of the games.

The emoji will appear everytime the following hashtags are used: #TeamCanada, #ÉquipeCanada and #EquipeCanada.

Interestingly, Twitter revealed that there are 59 percent more people on Twitter tweeting about sports in 2021 when compared to 2020.

Further, the social media giant notes that the Canadian conversation about the summer olympics on Twitter is growing. It outlines that daily tweet volumes about the Olympics grew by 70 percent in June when compared to May.

Twitter also notes that 60 percent of people on the platform say they are excited about the Olympics.

In terms of sports in general, Twitter notes that the top sport Canadians have been tweeting about the most is basketball. Soccer and baseball rounded out the top three, respectively. Gymnastics came in fourth place and swimming followed in fifth place.