Wear OS 3.0 brings with it a refreshed Play Store

The UI seems less cramped now

Google is working on a huge upgrade for Wear OS that will make substantial changes to the platform, add a slew of new features, and boost the wearable platform’s performance. Now, according to a Reddit user (reported by 9to5Google), the wearable’s Google Play Store is getting a new design.

u/alehel reported receiving the refreshed Play Store look overnight on their Suunto 7 Wear OS smartwatch. The new design uses pill-shaped card design for the list, the font also appears to be changed, and the user interface appears to be a little smaller and more compact, which fits better on a tiny screen and gives the OS cleaner and overall more modern look.

Additionally, the images show a Play Store UI that doesn’t look cramped. Each item is listed on a pill-shaped card with the app’s icon on the left followed by the app’s name on the right and its user rating mentioned below. This change is a welcome one as it makes items listed on the small screen appear tidier and more readable.

Apart from Reddit user u/alehel, the new Google Play Store update has not been reported by others, so it may take some time before Google pushes out a wider rollout.

Image credit: u/alehel 

Via: 9to5Google