Google Pixel 5a might launch and release in August, but not in Canada

Canadians won't be getting this upcoming a-series handset

The Pixel 5a is soon approaching, according to a report from the nearly always reliably, Mark Gurman.

“Google Pixel fans, this summer is for you. Expect the Pixel 5a, the company’s next-generation, lower-cost handset, to be announced and released in August,” said the credible Bloomberg portable.

It’s worth noting that Google’s Pixel 5a is not coming to Canada. A Google spokesperson confirmed to The Verge back in April that the company will only release the Pixel 5a in U.S. and Japan.

Last year, Google released the Pixel 4a on August 20th and unveiled the handset on August 3rd. We might be looking at a similar release schedule for this year’s a-series handset.

It’s an odd move for Google considering it will likely unveil the Pixel 6 series in late September or early October. Releasing two completely different handsets within a couple of months of each other isn’t something that most manufacturers do. However, Google could be taking a page from Samsung’s rapid smartphone release schedule.

Last year, the South Korean company unveiled its Note 20 series in August and its Fold Z 2 in September.

This might be a strategy that we’ll start seeing from more phone-makers in the future. Either way, Canadians will have to wait until September or even October before we’ll get a new Pixel device.

Source: Bloomberg