Google says it’ll make Android 12’s ‘ripple effect’ look less glitchy

It's not actually bug


Android 12’s Beta 1 offers tons of new graphical improvements and enhancements that Google calls ‘Material You.’

One of the updates includes a new ripple effect that happens as the result of tapping buttons. However, many think that this animation is a bug.

According to 9to5Google, several users say that the animation looks like noise artifacts instead of the intended ripple effect. Some users even believe that their displays were experiencing issues.

Google says the change is intentional and that it’s “part of the new visual language of Android 12” and Material You.

On June 3rd, Google marked the issue as fixed and released the following official response:

“Thanks a ton for the feedback — you’ll be seeing continued updates in Beta 2, 3, and onwards to make the ripple more subtle and less distracting/glitch-feeling.”

We’ll likely see an updated version of the ripple effect in Beta 2.

Source: 9to5Google