How to download the Android 12 beta on a Google Pixel

You'll need a Google Pixel 3 or newer to access the update

If you saw the splendour that is Android 12’s new visual design at Google I/O today and want to get in on the action, this is how.

First off, I’ll start by saying that I downloaded the beta earlier on a Pixel 3 XL and it’s been running fairly smoothly. Still, at one point, it did crash and change my wallpaper, so if you only have one phone, it might be worth it to wait a bit until a more stable version of the update is available.

I’ll also mention that while some aspects of the new Material Design are live in this beta, for the most part, it still feels very much like Android 11.

How to download

First up, you need to make sure you have a compatible device. This year that includes Pixel phones with three, four and five in their name. If you have a Pixel 2 or older, you’re out of luck.

From there, navigate to this Google website and select what phone you want to opt into the beta program.

Then, go to your phone’s System Settings and select ‘System update.’ It may take a few minutes after you opt-in, but the Android 12 beta download should appear shortly.

Next, simply download Android 12 and enjoy a new notification shade plus several other smaller tweaks.

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Source: Google