Twitter developing three new misinformation warning labels

The three new warning labels are titled ‘Get the latest,’ ‘Stay informed’ and ‘Misleading’


Twitter is reportedly working on three new misinformation warning labels, according to reverse app engineer Jane Manchun Wong.

Wong notes that the three new warning labels are titled ‘Get the latest,’ ‘Stay informed’ and ‘Misleading.’

Twitter will prompt users with these three labels depending on the content of the tweet. Wong shared a screenshot of possible examples where Twitter may display the different labels.

For instance, if someone tweets something like: “Snorted 60 grams of dihydrogen monoxide and I’m not feeling so well now,” Twitter will surface a “Get the latest” label about water information.

Further, if a user tweets something along the lines of: “In 12 hours, darkness will ascend in parts of the world. Stay tuned,” Twitter will display a ‘Stay informed’ label with information about the “concept of timezones.”

Lastly, if someone tweets something like: “We eat. Turtles eat. Therefore we are turtles,” the social media giant will show a ‘Misleading’ label encouraging people to “learn more about logical fallacies.”

Twitter, like other social media giants, is working to reduce the spread of misinformation on its platform. It currently has a ‘read before you tweet’ pop-up but these new labels will cover more content.

It’s currently unknown when Twitter plans on rolling out these new misinformation labels, but we’ll likely learn more in the coming months.

Source: @wongmjane