OxygenOS aims to improve OnePlus 9/9 Pro’s camera and battery life

The update is currently rolling out in India with Europe and North America soon to follow

The OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro feature OnePlus’ heavily touted Hasselblad-tuned camera system.

While the Hasselblad marketing campaign made it seem like these cameras would turn out to be some of the best to ever be featured in a smartphone, they didn’t totally live up to the hype, and since their launch, OnePlus has been fixing issues with the flagships’ camera system.

The latest software update, ‘OxygenOS’, aims to solve some of the camera’s performance issues raised by users along with several bug fixes and network improvements.

The noise reduction algorithm/sharpening effect and the focusing/brightness settings for indoor scenes, have all been improved, according to the OnePlus’ changelog.

Additionally, the rear camera’s auto white balance has also been improved to provide higher accuracy.

Check the full changelog below:


  • Improved charging experience
  • Optimized power consumption
  • Fixed known issues and improved stability


  • Improved the hidden operation logic of the camera‘s top bar
  • Optimized the noise reduction and sharpening effect of the rear camera
  • Improved the focusing experience and brightness constancy in indoor scenes
  • Improved the accuracy of auto white balance of the rear camera


  • Improved network performance

OnePlus says that it’s starting rolling out the OnePlus 9 and OnePlu 9 pro update now and that it’s coming to Europe and North America soon.

Source: OnePlus