Kobo’s Elipsa e-reader is an e-ink tablet you can draw on

The only thing that would make me more hyped is if I actually had drawing talent

Elipsa, the latest e-reader from Kobo, features a large 10.3-inch screen that you can draw on with a stylus.

The Elipsa takes the e-reading experience to the next level by allowing users to take notes, mark up books and more, all on one device. For anyone that reads a lot of non-fiction on an e-reader, this is likely to be a useful addition.

Overall, this seems like a cool concept, but I’ll have to wait until I go hands-on with the digital notebook/e-reader device to see if it truly feels natural to write on it. Kobo says that the stylus is pressure-sensitive, so the writing experience should feel similar to using a pen.

Beyond just being able to write in the margins of published books, the Elipsa includes a notebook function that allows you to jot down notes on the go. There’s even some software that allows users to convert written words to text. You can back all these up to Dropbox, too, giving users access to their notes and marked-up PDFs anywhere.

The device is packed with decent specs, including 32GB of strange and a 227 pixels per inch (ppi) screen, so it should look at least moderately crisp. It also features an adjustable backlight and 1GB of RAM.

The Elipsa starts at $499 and comes with a smart cover and a stylus. You can pre-order the device now and it starts shipping on June 24th.

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