Amazon Music Unlimited subscribers now get HD music for no added cost

Amazon and Apple are looking to shake up the music streaming space

Shortly after Apple announced plans to make lossless audio available to all Apple Music subscribers, Amazon has done the same.

These are significant moves by two huge companies in the streaming music space and will likely result in a pretty big dent in Tidal and Deezer’s subscriber growth.

Amazon’s HD music tier was previously priced at $13 per month for Prime subscribers and $15 per month for everyone else. Now, It costs $10 per month, making it a much better deal than Tidal ($20 per month for Hi-Fi) and Spotify, which currently doesn’t offer an HD music option, but will soon.

Realistically, the only other service that could offer this would be YouTube Music since, like Amazon Music and Apple Music, it has a large tech giant backing it, so it doesn’t need to try as hard as Spotify and Tidal to be profitable.

Over 70 million songs on Amazon Music can now be streamed in ‘HD’ in 16-bits and at a sample rate of 44.1kHz (CD quality). The company also has seven million songs in ‘Ultra HD,’ which is 24-bits and a sample rate up to 192 kHz.

Beyond that, Amazon is also giving all users access to its catalogue of 3D mixed music. Apple also added this feature to Apple Music today. It’s being heralded as the successor to stereo sound given it pushes audio to the user in several directions instead of just two.

Source: Amazon Music