Quebec court approves settlement for 2011 MacBook Pro models

If you live in Quebec and own or owned a 2011 MacBook Pro, you'll be able to claim a $175 settlement and a refund for repair services

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The Superior Court of Quebec approved a settlement for people who own 2011 MacBook Pros. The decision comes from a class-action lawsuit was filed in 2014, which alleged that the 2011 MacBook Pro had issues with its graphics.

Anyone who purchased a 15- or 17-inch 2011 MacBook Pro in Quebec, or anyone who lives in Quebec and owns or previously owned one of those laptops, can apply to get a $175 chunk of the settlement along with a refund for any repair services they paid for.

According to PCMag, a claims administrator has until the end of the week to update the settlement website, at which point all eligible people can submit their claims.

The MacBook Pro graphics issue stemmed from an issue with AMD graphics used in the 2011 models. These graphics could malfunction and render displays unreadable. PCMag shared reports from 2011 MacBook Pro owners. Some experienced their laptop screen turning blue and the device not responding until they force restarted it. Others experienced “horizontal distortion.”

A similar U.S. lawsuit claimed that the lead-free solder used in the manufacturing process caused a short circuit, leading to the graphical issues on the MacBook’s display.

Those interested in learning more can check out the settlement website here, or the court documents (in French) here.

Source: PCMag