Porsche begins road testing all-electric Macan

The new electric Macan is the automaker's follow up to the Taycan

After a blistering entry into the electric vehicle (EV) space, Porsche is following up the Taycan with an all-electric version of its popular Macan crossover.

Porsche announced that it was working on an electric Macan back in 2019, but with 2020 focused on getting the Taycan on the road, we haven’t heard much regarding the family-sized crossover. This will likely be a hot seller for the company given crossovers are so popular in North America since the Taycan and the Taycan Cross Turismo are expensive.

The legacy automaker has announced that the electric Macan has finished its initial testing at the Porsche Development Center in Weissach, Germany. In a picture of the car shared by Porsche, it looks like stickers are creating a fake grill and two fake tailpipes at the back to make the EV version look more like a traditional Macan.

Now that the electric Macan is undergoing real-world testing, the company hopes that by the time it releases in 2023, it will have 3 million test kilometres for all kinds of conditions under its belt. Hopefully, this means Porsche will test the EV during a cold Canadian winter. One of the sore spots I experienced when I tested out the Porsche Taycan last winter is that it can take a long time to charge when it’s cold out.

In addition to the testing, the company is also using a wide variety of digital tools and mentions that it’s working on a new display and operating concept for the next generation of Macan. Recently, Porsche North America CEO, Kjell Grunner, said that he knows the automaker lags behind modern smartphones in software design. Here’s hoping that this new digital experience can help the company develop something that feels more modern.

Finally, Porsche says that the new Macan is being built on the same 800-volt battery architecture as the Taycan. This means drivers can expect “long-distance range, high-performance fast charging and reproducible best-in-class performance figure.” The company even goes as far as to say, “the all-electric Macan will be the sportiest model in its segment.”

Source: Porsche