Microsoft finally updated some ancient Windows icons

Now do fonts and dialog boxes

Windows 10 wallpaper

Microsoft has been hard at work improving the design of Windows 10 ahead of the ‘Sun Valley’ update coming later this year. The update’s shaping up to be an extensive visual refresh, and it looks like it may reach deep into Windows 10 to change icons that have hung around since the Windows 95-era.

Spotted by Windows Latest, a preview build of Windows 10 includes updated icons in a part of the operating system (OS) called ‘shell32.dll.’ The file is a key part of the Windows Shell that surface icons for use in dialog boxes throughout Windows. Although it may seem like a small change, updating shell32.dll could go a long way in making the Sun Valley visual refresh feel more consistent.

The Verge points out that shell32.dll has been a source of inconsistency for a while. Despite Microsoft’s work updating and modernizing other parts of Windows, but that works means little when an app pulls an ancient icon from shell32.dll. Granted, the file isn’t the only source of inconsistency in Windows 10. Hopefully, Microsoft is working to refresh antiquated fonts, dialog boxes, archaic window designs and other bastions of old Windows too.

Left: new shell32.dll icons. Right: Old shell32.dll icons.

Microsoft’s Sun Valley update is expected to arrive in October with the Windows 10 21H2 update. However, the Redmond, Washington-based software giant hasn’t officially detailed all its Sun Valley work yet, although the company has teased some changes. For example, we’ve seen new system and File Explorer icons — other changes have turned up in preview builds and leaks.

So far, the changes have received mixed reception, but it’s hard to judge the visual refresh until it’s complete. I’m holding out cautious optimism for the new design. Even if it’s not perfect, I’ll appreciate if Windows at least offers a consistent experience in the future.

Image credit: Windows Latest

Source: Windows Latest Via: The Verge