Rogers will give you up to $360 credit when you trade-in an old iPhone

You can get the offer online and in-store

iPhone 12 in Gorgeous Purple

Rogers is currently running a trade-in Mother’s Day promotion on the iPhone 12.

Trade-in your iPhone XR or XS for a one-time credit of up to $360, or trade-in your iPhone 8 for a one-time credit of up to $240 towards your next iPhone 12 64GB. Other devices can be traded in too. I was able to get a $120 quote for my old, semi-broken Samsung Galaxy S9. To get a quote on your device, click here.

Additionally, the trade-in credit can be stacked with Rogers’ Upfront Edge financing, allowing you to save an additional $540 over 24 months. To explain that in simple terms, the iPhone 12 64GB variant retails for $1,164. If you purchase the phone with Upfront Edge financing, you automatically get a $540 discount, which leaves the subtotal at $624 to be paid over 24 months, or, $26 per month.

If you’re trading in an iPhone 8 and get a quote of up t0 $240, that leaves the subtotal at $384 to be paid over 24 months.

Further, you can get the new purple iPhone 12 colour that was unveiled recently at Apple’s ‘Spring Forward’ with this deal.

The offer is available online and in-store, though the latter will require you to pay an additional $45 service fee.

Rogers’ website reads that this is a limited-time offer, though no exact date has been specified.

To learn more about the deal, click here.

Source: Rogers