Samsung Galaxy S21 FE brand spotted on company’s website

The company has since removed mentioned of the S21 FE from its website

In a couple of months, rumours indicate that Samsung will launch the Galaxy S21 FE; however, now the upcoming smartphone was spotted on the company’s website.

First spotted by GalaxyClub, Samsung’s Mexican website showed the Galaxy S21 FE name on a drop-down banner. There was no listing or any pictures of the device.  All it said was “Conoce más sobre Galaxy S21 FE,” translated to “Know more about the Galaxy S21 FE,” and that link went straight to a comparison page between S21 devices.

All we now know is that Samsung will officially call that device the S21 FE. Further, we can now assume that the device will launch sometime in the near future; however, as 9to5Google points out this could also have been just a typo.

Samsung has since removed the mention of the device on its website.

Image Credit: GalaxyClub

Source: 9to5Google, GalaxyClub