Court documents reveal iOS only accounted for 7 percent of Fortnite’s revenue

Epic Games made $862 million in revenue from iOS users

Fortnite on iOS

iOS was a huge revenue generator for Epic Games until Fortnite became no longer available to iPhone users. According to recent court documents, the game made more than $700 million ($862 million CAD) in revenue from iOS users in its short-lived presence in the App Store. That is a pretty large figure, but not even close to what Fortnite makes through other platforms.

Court documents from Apple vs Epic lawsuit reveal that Sony’s PlayStation 4 was the pivotal breadwinner for Epic, raking in 46.8 percent of total Fortnite revenue from March 2018 through July 2020 and Xbox One generated the second-highest share of revenues at 27.5 percent in the same timeframe.

Albeit iOS brought in $862 million for Fortnite, it ranked fifth among all Fortnite-accessible platforms with only 7 percent of the total revenue. The remaining share is split between Android, PC and Nintendo Switch.

Additionally, the document proves that the iOS version of Fortnite brought in less revenue on a month-to-month basis than the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PCs.

Despite the vast amount of money circulating around smartphone games right now, PlayStation and Xbox seem to contribute towards the majority of Fortnite’s profits, which explains the exclusive console cups and exclusive console skins.

Source: Epic Games vs Apple Court document,  Via: The Verge