Facebook and Spotify partner on new ‘Boombox’ project

The project will allow users to listen to music while browsing through Facebook's apps

Facebook is working with Spotify on a new initiative called ‘Project Boombox,’ which will allow users to listen to music while browsing through its various apps.

The social media giant is developing an in-line audio player that will allow users to listen to Spotify content that has been shared in Facebook’s apps without being directly connected to Spotify’s app or website.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the initiative during an interview with reporter Casey Newton on Discord on April 19th.

TechCrunch reports that the feature has been tested in a few countries including Mexico and Thailand. It’s expected to roll out to all users in around a week.

“We think that audio is going to be a first-class medium and that there are all these different products to be built across this whole spectrum,” Zuckerberg stated.

“Of course, it includes some areas that, that have been, you know, popular recently like podcasting and kind of live audio rooms like this, but I also think that there’s some interesting things that are under-explored in the area overall.”

This latest move will deepen Facebook’s relationship with Spotify. The streaming service is already integrated into Instagram Stories and Facebook Stories.

Source: TechCrunch