Apple working to fix Shortcuts bug that stopped older links from working

Users are seeing a 'Shortcut not found’ error message

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Apple says it’s working to fix a Shortcuts issue where older iCloud links for sharing shortcuts suddenly stopped working.

Numerous people took to social media on March 24th to report that iCloud sharing links to their shortcuts were no longer working. They were instead presented with a “Shortcut not found’ error message. It was unclear whether this was a temporary issue.

The bug was especially troubling for those who have created archives of hundreds of shortcuts online. Thankfully, the tech giant is already working on a fix.

“We are aware of an issue where previously shared shortcuts are currently unavailable. Newly shared shortcuts are available, and we are working to restore previously shared shortcuts as quickly as possible,” Apple said in a statement to Federico Viticci at MacStories.

It’s worth noting that although Apple says it’s working to fix the issue, the company hasn’t provided a timeline for when previously shared shortcuts will be restored.

In the meantime, users can create a new iCloud sharing link, which hasn’t been affected by the issue.

Source: 9to5Mac