Here’s what the PlayStation 5’s processor looks like

There are pictures of the motherboard, alongside the modified Zen 2 CPU architecture within the console

Photographer Fritzchens Fritz from VideoCardz has taken some of the first close-up photos of the PlayStation 5’s custom processor.

Fritz shot the high-res images of the motherboard alongside the Zen 2 CPU architecture within the console, and the liquid metal that Sony uses to keep the temperature in check.

There’s also an interesting-looking tentative die shot analysis included in the collection of images.

Fritz’s Flickr page offers even more up-close-and-personal pictures of Sony’s custom PlayStation 5 silicon.

As far as pictures of console architecture go, these are some of the most detailed I’ve ever seen. If nothing else, the images offer a cool look at the hardware powering Sony’s sought-after new console.

Source: Fritzchens Fritz, VideoCardz Via: The Verge