Fido giving some customers 15GB bonus data for free

You chould check your Fido My Account page right away to see if you got the offer

Fido reportedly offered several customers a free 15GB data bonus.

Reports popped up on RedFlagDeals (RFD), where several users claimed to receive pop-ups in their Fido accounts offering the bonus data. It seems that customers saw the offer when logging into their Fido My Account service. A pop-up showed the users’ current plan, and below was an “exclusive bonus data offer.”

“15GB/Month just for you,” the offer reads. “We think you deserve more so we’re giving you more data for FREE! Yeah, you read that right. We’ll add a 15GB data bonus on your current plan today — no added cost, no new contract, no kidding!”

Several users responded to the original post on RFD, noting they also received the offer. Since the 15GB is on top of existing plans, some users walked away with excellent plans.

The original poster, for example, had a $50/10GB plan. With the 15GB bonus, that’s now 25GB of data.

Another user said they received the offer on three $60/10GB lines, bumping them up to $60/25GB on each line.

Unfortunately, your mileage will likely vary with this offer. However, if you are a Fido customer, it’s worth checking your account to see if you’ve got a free 15GB of data waiting for you.

Image credit: RedFlagDeals (whoosh123) 

Source: RedFlagDeals