Bug causing third-party iOS apps to crash after syncing with M1 Mac

Users are reporting that they can no longer open or update third-party iPhone apps after syncing with an M1 Mac

MacBook Air with M1

If you’ve got an iPhone or iPad and a fancy new M1 Mac, you may want to avoid syncing the devices for the near future. Several users have reported an issue when syncing iOS/iPadOS devices with the new M1 Macs, leading to all third-party apps crashing when you attempt to launch them.

Spotted by 9to5Mac, various online forums (including ‘Whirlpool,’ Reddit and Apple’s own support forums) have threads about the issue going as far back as December 2020. According to the reports, users who synced an iPhone or iPad with a new M1 Mac lost the ability to open third-party apps.

Those who tried to open third-party apps would see the apps close immediately. Only Apple’s pre-installed apps worked. Worse, the bug also impacts the App Store, preventing users from updating third-party apps or installing new apps.

Apple hasn’t officially shared any details on what may be causing the bug, but some users report that company support staff said it was a data corruption issue. Whatever the cause, some have claimed syncing the afflicted device with a Mac running macOS Catalina fixes things.

Until a software update rolls out that fixes the glitch, the best thing you can do is avoid syncing your iOS device and M1 Mac for now.

Source: Reddit, Whirlpool, Apple support Via: 9to5Mac