Facebook to prompt users about data collection ahead of Apple’s privacy update

The prompt will urge users to let the social media giant track their activity

Facebook app on Android

Facebook is testing a new prompt for iPhone users about its data collection practices ahead of Apple’s planned privacy update.

The prompt will urge users to let the social media giant track their activity so that it can show them more personalized ads. Apple’s new privacy update will inform users about this sort of tracking and ask them if they want to authorize it.

Apple’s update will require companies like Facebook to ask for permission from users to track them across apps and websites. If users choose to deny the request, it’ll be difficult for Facebook to display personalized ads, which is how it gets a large portion of its revenue.

In a blog post, Facebook states that Apple’s prompt won’t provide any context about the benefits of personalized ads, which is why it’s going to roll out its own prompt as well.

“If you accept the prompts for Facebook and Instagram, the ads you see on those apps won’t change. If you decline, you will still see ads, but they will be less relevant to you,” Facebook notes.

The social media giant outlines that agreeing to these prompts doesn’t mean that Facebook will collect new types of data. Facebook notes that accepting the prompt means that it can continue its current practices.

“We feel that people deserve the additional context, and Apple has said that providing education is allowed,” the blog post reads.

Apple’s new privacy update is expected to launch sometime in the spring, and Facebook is looking to get ahead of it.

Source: Facebook