Here’s how Halo Infinite will be optimized across Microsoft’s entire Xbox lineup

The game should look and perform great across all platforms

Halo Infinite campaign artwork

In a recent post to Halo Infinite‘s official blog, 343 Industries’ game foundation architect, Danielle Gianetti, explained how the eagerly anticipated title will be optimized across all of the platforms the game is available on, and not just the Xbox One.

Gianetti says that Halo Infinite features a rebuilt “engine multi-threading solution” that allows it to run smoothly across Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and even PC.

For Halo Infinite, we rebuilt the engine multi-threading solution to ensure high execution efficiency across all platforms and PCs, instead of running optimally just on Xbox One,” writes Gianetti.

Halo Infinite gun

“We used this new system to transition the renderer to a massively parallel multi-threaded framework to support the increased cost of all our new rendering features and achieve high graphics efficiency on PC CPUs of various sizes as well as Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One X/S hardware.”

Hopefully, this means that despite Halo Infinite also launching on the last-gen Xbox One, it will still take advantage of the additional power offered by the far more powerful Xbox Series X/S and PC.

“We are doing our very best to make sure Halo Infinite runs optimally on any device you may choose to play on,” writes Gianetti.

This is all-around great news for anyone concerned that the Master Chief’s next outing wouldn’t utilize the Xbox Series X’s ample power.

Halo Infinite's Grappleshot

In the lengthy blog post that includes a Q and A with Quinn DelHoyo, the game’s lead sandbox designer, new renders of weapons, the Grappleshot and more are also shown off. DelHoyo details how the game’s sandbox team is currently “…playtesting a ton and looking for ways to polish and improve everything. All of our launch content is in-game and being played daily but it takes a strong effort to get something from 90 percent to a full 100 percent ship quality.”

Halo Infinite is currently scheduled to be released in the fall of 2021 following the game being pushed out of the Xbox Series X and S’ launch window.

Source: 343 Industries