Lego launches new sets that use AR to make themed music videos

There's even a fun app to share them in

Lego’s latest wild idea is a music video-making platform called ‘Vidiyo’ that combines an augmented reality (AR) app experience, an online sharing community, music and Lego all into one place.

For the music portion of the app, Lego’s partnering with Universal Music Group so kids can use a selection of the record label’s catalogue of music. The press release mentions that the app will feature several classic songs and some chart-toppers within a pre-set selection of music to keep the app child-friendly.

The lego elements include a new set of Minifigures, a stage element that can be scanned into the app with AR and new 2×2 blocks that Lego is calling ‘BeatBits.’ These blocks can be attached to the stage and then scanned into the app with your chosen rockstar to unlock special effects that can be used later in the video. Some examples of this are sounds like a DJ scratch noise, a black and white filter and more.

It appears that actually playing this game will be more of a digital experience as kids learn to direct their AR Lego rockstars in real-life locations. Once objects are scanned, the Minifigure AR rockstars will start to play and kids can use the ‘BeatBits’ to trigger effects to help make the show more appealing.

These AR rockers can even be scaled up to be life-sized or larger, which will be fun to see and allows you to make things as small as a cup to as large as a park your stage.

Once the video is done, you can cut it up into easily sharable clips or post it to the Vidiyo app for other people to enjoy. Lego also stresses that this app is pretty strict, so videos with kids or identifying information will be taken down. You can also save videos to your phone’s camera roll to share them across other social media platforms.

The first Lego Vidiyo products will start hitting store shelves on March 1st.