Apple TV+ free trial extending to July 2021

This is the second time Apple has extended the free trial for its streaming service

Apple is once again extending the free trial period for its Apple TV+ streaming service.

This time, the tech giant is letting freeloaders stay on the platform until July 2021, and 9to5Mac notes that even paying subscribers will have two months worth of credits reimbursed. This is the second time Apple has extended the service’s trial. 

This likely means that anyone that got a free trial of Apple TV+ when the service launched last year, will still have access to the service for the release of For All Mankind Season 2 and the Tom Holland film Cherry. 

So far, no one on the MobileSyrup team has had their Apple TV subscription extended past February, but 9to5Mac reports that Apple will send out emails over the next few weeks notifying users of the change.

If you pay for Apple TV+, you should receive an equivalent amount of money for the February to July period to spend in Apple’s online stores on apps, books, movies and more.

There were reports last year that Apple is planning to pad out streaming services with more third-party content to make it better compete with Netflix and Prime Video. Perhaps the company is getting ready to launch that extra content and wants to ensure that Apple TV+’s subscriber numbers don’t dip in the meantime.

Source: 9to5Mac