Slack is back for some users [Update]

The chat platform decided to start 2021 with an outage


Update 01/4/2020 1:40pm ET: After a somewhat lengthy ill-timed outage, Slack is finally back and running for some users. That said, the platform’s status page still cites that it’s experiencing several issues.

It seems Slack is suffering from a holiday hangover.

The popular chat platform that many companies rely on (including MobileSyrup) to communicate and get work done in this new world of remote work, is entirely down.

A quick look at Twitter reveals a wide range of people from various industries complaining that Slack is currently not working. Some users are unable to log into the platform entirely, while others can’t send messages.

Slack’s status page currently says that “customers may have trouble loading messages or connecting to Slack.” According to Downdetector, a platform that tracks apps experiencing outages, Slack went down at about 10am.

It’s unclear how widespread the problem is or when the issues will be solved. This story will be updated as more information becomes available.

I’m currently considering alternatives to communicating with the MobileSyrup team. I remember this old tool called ’email,’ but I’m not really sure how it works anymore, to be entirely honest. Instead, I think I’ll publically tweet the team that we have a meeting at noon today.