Leaker shows very quick Samsung Galaxy S21+ vs iPhone 12 Pro camera comparison

The leaker compares a single picture he took with the Galaxy S21+ and the iPhone 12 Pro

The Samsung Galaxy S21+ series’ release is reportedly only a month away, and so far, we’ve seen renders, live pictures and even a video of the smartphones. Still, this latest leak shows off a video comparison between it and the iPhone 12 Pro.

YouTuber ‘Random Stuff 2’s’ video showcases the design of the S21+, including its large camera bump and flat display. The video doesn’t say much about the picture the phone snaps, but to my eye, it looks as the S21+ doesn’t offer as much contrast as the iPhone 12 Pro and that its colours are less accurate.

That said, Random Stuff 2 only took one picture, so there’s not a lot to say about the smartphone’s camera experience. The YouTuber also shot the first video footage of the handset, showcasing a benchmark test and giving a detailed look at its camera bump.

While the video doesn’t reveal a lot about the device, these rumoured specs that leaked in early November give us a better look at what might be featured in Samsung’s next ‘S’ series devices.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 series is rumoured to launch the January 14th. 

Source: Random Stuff 2