Google testing Assistant Routines that can be set off by sunrises and sunsets

Only a few users have access to the feature right now

Google is testing Assistant Routines that can be triggered by the sunset or sunrise, with some users already getting access to the feature.

9to5Google reports that there’s a new way to “start your routine” and that there is a new ‘sunrise/sunset’ option next to the current ‘voice command’ option when you create a custom ‘time.’

From there users can choose whether the routine begins at the precise event or sometime before or after it. Then you can specify which days it should repeat.

Up until now, users have had to manually set a general time and account for changes throughout the year. With this new feature, users can have their routines automatically tuned to the sun. This feature can be helpful for things like turning your smart lights on or off in your house.

It’s worth noting that this feature has not been widely rolled out, as only a few users have reported having access to it so far.

This comes as reports suggest Google is reportedly also testing a new feature that will let users create home screen shortcuts for Google Assistant Routines.

Once users pin them to their home screen, they wouldn’t have to speak to initiate a routine. The shortcuts would essentially function as buttons, as clicking on them will tell Google Assistant to run the routine.

Source: 9to5Google