Google Pixel 5 getting new ‘Conveyor Belt’ live wallpaper

Unfortunately, the live wallpaper doesn't appear to be coming to the Pixel 4a or 4a 5G

Alongside the December 2020 security update, Google released a new ‘feature drop’ for Pixel devices with several new capabilities like Adaptive Connectivity and new emoji.

However, another new feature spotted by 9to5Google is a live wallpaper on the Google Pixel 5. Available in the ‘Come Alive’ section (press and hold on a blank space on the home screen and select ‘Styles & wallpapers’ to access it), the ‘Conveyor Belt’ wallpaper offers a moving background full of shapes and symbols.

9to5Google reports the wallpaper offers a few colour options for the symbols, including a rainbow multi-colour option, grey, dark green and blue. All the objects appear on a dark grey background. To further customize the look, users can also fill out a survey with a series of questions with two answers, such as “Coffee or Tea,” “Sweet or Savory” and “Introvert or Extrovert.” There’s also a “One last (optional) thing…” that lets users ‘mark the date’ (likely for a birthday or other important date).

The answers you pick influence the objects that scroll past on the screen from right-to-left when using the wallpaper. Other icons include shapes, microphone, radio and more.

It appears the wallpaper is rolling out just to the Pixel 5, with both the 4a 5G and regular 4a not having it. Further, 9to5Google notes the wallpaper may be part of an update to the Pixel Live Wallpaper app. However, it cites version 1.5, which was last updated on November 25th according to the Play Store. In MobileSyrup’s testing, the wallpaper wasn’t available on a Pixel 5 running the latest version of the Pixel Live Wallpaper app and with the December update.

It’s not clear if the wallpaper is part of a server-side update, or is restricted in some other way. Ultimately, it looks like your mileage with this one will vary.

The ‘Conveyor Belt’ isn’t the first live wallpaper Google has pushed out to a 2020 Pixel. There was also the ‘Pinball‘ wallpaper that landed on the Pixel 4a, although it never came to any of the other Pixel phones. It’s not entirely clear why Google limited the wallpaper to just one device, or why the company is doing so again with the ‘Conveyor Belt.’

Screenshot credit: 9to5Google

Source: 9to5Google