Google Assistant can now pull Calendar and Meet events from multiple accounts

The new feature will make life easier for anyone with multiple Google accounts

Google Assistant can be a really powerful digital helper, but if you use multiple Google accounts — for example, personal and work Gmails — Assistant can be a pain. However, Google is finally implementing a system that could make Assistant place nice with multiple accounts.

Spotted by Android Police, a new beta feature is rolling out to Assistant that enables simultaneous access to Google Calendar and Meet events from multiple accounts. To activate the feature, head to the Google Assistant settings page. To access this page on an iPhone, just open Assistant and tap your profile picture in the top-right corner. On Android, swipe up from the bottom corner to trigger Assistant, then tap the ‘Snapshot’ button in the bottom-left corner to open Snapshot. From here, you can tap your profile picture in the top-right corner to open the settings menu.

Once you’re in the Assistant settings menu, scroll down to the ‘All Settings’ section and look for the ‘Accounts’ option. It should be the first or second option after the ‘”Hey Google” sensitivity’ menu. If Accounts isn’t listed here, it’s likely you haven’t received the beta feature yet.

From the Accounts screen, you can add and link multiple Google accounts to the main account on your device. When you enable a secondary account, a pop-up window notes that enabling “will allow the Assistant to access data and services provided by this account.” Further, users can control which Assistant devices gain access to the secondary account.

Adding multiple accounts to Google

For now, the only secondary account services accessible from the main account are Calendar and Meet. However, Google may add other services in the future.

The feature is, of course, a beta, so be prepared for things to not work quite right. And if it isn’t available for you, the old method of connecting all your Google Calendars to your personal account also still works for seeing all your events through Assistant. I’ll keep rolling with this set-up since adding Workspace accounts to Android devices tends to break things, and I’d rather not have my Workspace account connected to my personal device.

You can learn more on this Google support page.

Source: Android Police