Taika Waititi-directed Xbox Series X ad turns Master Chief into a cat

You probably never imagined a Master Chief Cat using a Halo ring to DJ, but here it is

Master Chief cat

If you’ve ever wondered what Master Chief might look like as an animal, you’re in luck.

In the new ‘Lucid Odyssey’ Xbox Series X short film directed by Oscar-winning filmmaker Taika Waititi (Thor: RagnarokJojo Rabbit), the iconic Halo hero can be seen turning into none other than a cat.

Don’t worry, though; this isn’t teasing some bizarre plot twist for next year’s Halo InfiniteInstead, the film ties into Microsoft’s broader Xbox Series X ‘Power Your Dreams’ marketing campaign. In the ad, Xbox ambassador MoonLiteWolfPro is in a “dream incubation lab,” where researchers study her dreams after playing on Xbox Series X. During her sessions, she has a cat with her.

Eventually, she dreams up Master Chief using an entire Halo ring to DJ before removing his helmet to reveal a cat. It’s undoubtedly bizarre, but it’s also the perfect commercial for the ever-quirky Waititi.
Check out the full “Lucid Odyssey” short below:

Outside of MoonLiteWolfPro in the Waititi film, Xbox has recorded other peoples’ dream activity as part of the Power Your Dreams campaign.

One of the featured gamers is Ontario’s own Steve Saylor, a content creator who advocates for accessibility options in games.

Saylor’s dream video is set to drop on December 8th.