PlayStation 5 launches with Apple TV app support

The app is coming to the PlayStation 4 too

Apple TV app

The Apple TV app is now available on Sony’s PlayStation 4 and the new PlayStation 5.

The streaming video app is already available on the Xbox Series X/S and various smart TVs and set-top boxes. The TV app allows users to watch Apple TV+ content and shows/movies rented or bought from Apple.

Apple TV+ has received a lot of criticism since its initial launch given it doesn’t feature a lot of content, but I like the service and have enjoyed Apple originals like Little America, Ted Lasso and For All Mankind immensely.

It’s worth noting that everyone that purchases a new iPad, iPhone, Apple TV or Mac gets a free year of Apple TV+.

Just getting the Apple TV app on a PS4 is a big win for Apple since Sony has sold over 113 million units, according to Statistica. This means that a lot more people now have access to Apple’s TV app.

If you haven’t managed to get your hands on a PlayStation 5 yet, keep your eye on MobileSyrup for all the latest availability information.

Bell’s Crave streaming service also recently finally launched on Sony’s PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

Via: Engadget